Ashley Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

At its very simplest, a neighbourhood plan will allow you, as Ashley residents, to decide where new houses can be built, what type of housing is required, what it should look like, and what infrastructure is needed to support any development.

It is inevitable that, at some stage in the future, there will be development in Ashley and, although a neighbourhood plan cannot prevent development, it can determine where new developments can take place and what those delevopments should look like

Once there is a neighbourhood plan in place it becomes part of the statutory development plan and the local planning authority has to take it into consideration when making decisions on planning applications in the area

For a Neighbourhood Plan to be successful it is essential that residents are involved in its creation from start to finish

Progress on Creating Ashley's Neighbourhood Plan

Creating a neighbourhood plan is quite a complicated process, requiring many steps to achieve a comprehensive plan which can take more than 2 years.

Completed Steps

  • Creation of a Neighourhood Plan working party, comprising one or two Councillors and three to four residents
  • Creation of an Action Plan
  • Involved the community by holding meetings for residents and stakeholders to describe why it is advisable to have a Neighbourhood Plan and the benefits it would bring
  • Identification of the Ashley Neighbourhood Plan area which was designated as valid by Cheshire East. Note that the area covers the whole of Ashley Parish
  • Design of a questionnaire which was delivered (by hand) to all Ashley residents for completion.
  • Collection, collation and analysis of the completed questionnaires to form a consensus view on what Ashley residents do and do not want for the future of the village

Next Steps

Now that the Neighbourhood Plan Group has compiled and analysed the views of residents, the next steps are to use that information to:

  • Create a vision statement which encompasses how Ashley wants its community to develop over the next ten to twenty years which meets local needs and also has meaning to local people
  • Identify policy areas and create skeleton policies
  • Obtain quotes for essential professional advice and guidance on developing full policies.
  • Identify areas where other costs will be incurred relating to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Apply for funding

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