Ashley Parish Council Meetings

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 22nd January 2024 at 8.00pm in the Community Centre


Forthcoming Meetings

All meetings are held in the Community Centre at St Elizabeth's Church and commence at 8.00pm unless otherwise stated

Monday    March 11th 2024           8.00pm
Monday    May 20th 2024 )            8.00pm     Annual Parish Meeting
Monday    May 20th 2024 )            8.15pm     Annual Parish Council Meeting
Monday    July 15th 2024               8.00pm
Monday    September 9th 2024      8.00pm   
Monday    November 11th 2024     8.00pm   


Agenda and Minutes

13/11/2023    Agenda     Minutes
25/09/2023    Agenda     Minutes
10/07/2023    Agenda     Minutes
24/05/2022    Agenda     Minutes    Annual Parish Meeting
24/05/2022    Agenda     Minutes    Annual Parish Council Meeting
13/03/2023    Agenda     Minutes
30/01/2023    Agenda     Minutes
21/11/2022    Agenda     Minutes
26/09/2022    Agenda     Minutes
11/07/2022    Agenda     Minutes
30/05/2022    Agenda     Minutes    Annual Parish Meeting
30/05/2022    Agenda     Minutes    Annual Parish Council Meeting
21/03/2022    Agenda     Minutes
17/01/2022    Agenda     Minutes
15/11/2021    Agenda     Minutes
16/09/2021    Agenda     Minutes
19/07/2021    Agenda     Minutes
19/05/2021    Agenda     Minutes    Annual Parish Meeting
19/05/2021    Agenda     Minutes    Annual Parish Council Meeting
15/03/2021    Agenda     Minutes
14/01/2021    Agenda     Minutes
07/10/2020    Agenda     Minutes
29/07/2020    Agenda     Minutes
17/02/2020    Agenda     Minutes
20/01/2020    Agenda     Minutes

For earlier copies of Agendas and Minutes please go to the Archives page