Ashley Parish Council Meetings

The next Council meetings will be held on Wednesday 19th May 2021 in the Community Centre, St Elizabeth's Church

Annual Parish Meeting starts at 7.30pm
Annual Parish Council meeting starts at 8.00pm

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda


Public Attendance and Participation at Council Meetings From May 17th 2021

The public are now welcome to attend face to face Council meetings, although numbers still need to be restricted and social distancing still applies and you are adivsed to wear a mask although this is not compulsory.

The Council will have conducted a risk assessment and will provide hand sanitiser, masks and other PPE supplies

If you wish to attend the meeting, please email the Clerk using the Contact Us page

Agenda and Minutes

19/05/2021    Agenda    Annual Parish Meeting
19/05/2021    Agenda    Annual Parish Council Meeting
15/03/2021    Agenda    
14/01/2021    Agenda     Minutes
07/10/2020    Agenda     Minutes
29/07/2020    Agenda     Minutes
17/02/2020    Agenda     Minutes
20/01/2020    Agenda     Minutes
11/11/2019    Agenda     Minutes
28/10/2019    Agenda     Minutes    Planning Meeting
23/09/2019    Agenda     Minutes
21/08/2019    Agenda     Minutes    Extraordinary Council Meeting
08/07/2019    Agenda     Minutes
24/06/2019    Agenda     Minutes    Planning Meeting
20/05/2019    Agenda     Minutes    Annual Parish Meeting
20/05/2019    Agenda     Minutes    Annual Parish Council Meeting
07/01/2019    Agenda     Minutes

For earlier copies of Agendas and Minutes please go to the Archives page